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MIHS at Eastshore Solo & Ensemble


It was a banner day full of outstanding performances on Saturday, January 23rd where one hundred and forty Mercer Island band students participated in the Eastshore Music League’s Solo and Ensemble Contest.

This event provides the opportunity for the Eastshore’s finest high school music students to hear each other perform alone and in ensembles. The Eastshore Music League is made up of eleven East side high schools stretching from Mercer Island to Mt. Si and from Liberty to Interlake.

Of the twenty wind and percussion categories, Mercer Island students were recognized as winners or alternates in sixteen categories. Twenty-seven entries, comprised of sixty students, placed in or were selected as winners in their category.

“The entire MISD band staff is so proud of all the great performances this past Saturday. These performances represent hundreds of hours of hard work and are a testament to the commitment and maturity of our band kids” said Band Director, Parker Bixby.

A complete list of winners and alternates are listed below. These students will go on to the State Solo and Ensemble Contest in Ellensburg, WA April 29-30.


Winner                                        Zoe Sheill



1st Alternate                               Isabel Hernandez

2nd Alternate                              Mona Xue



Winner                                        Alex Banbury

1st Alternate                               Katherine Gelsey



1st Alternate                               Patrick Nuckolls

2nd Alternate                              Rebecca Bone


Soprano Saxophone

1st Alternate                               Riley Fang


Bass Clarinet

Winner                                       Cameron Cummings

1st Alternate                               Sam Bailey



1st Alternate                               Tommy Latkowski

2nd Alternate                              Kira Newell


French Horn

1st Alternate                               Kathryn Ristuben



Winner                                        Tynan McGee


Large Woodwind Ensemble

Winner                                        MIHS Sax Quintet

(Ren Jaeks, Rose Weiker, Annie Ritcey, Sophie Chang, Christian Nicoll)

2nd Alternate                              MI 6

(Haley Beuthel,Emily Wang, Sabrina Kwan, Evan Ashley,Ben Dixon,Zoe Sheill)


Large Brass Ensemble

1st Alternate                               MIHS Sassy Brassy

(Ali Rosenman, Max Waller, Jackson Borek, Tynan McGee, Daniel Gest, Braden Williams, Claire Stein)

2nd Alternate                              MIHS Brass Quintet

(Nabeel Gaber, Kira Newell, Ali Rosenman, Zeke Larsen, Kathryn Ristuben)


Snare Drum

Winner                                        Daniel Pooley



Winner                                        Verli Chen

1st Alternate                               Daniel Pooley

Multiple Percussion

Winner                                        Daniel Pooley



Winner                                        Verli Chen

1st Alternate                               Daniel Pooley

2nd Alternate                              Andrew Motz


Small Percussion Ensemble

Winner                                        MIHS Percussion Duet

(Daniel Pooley, Jon Perr)


Large Percussion Ensemble

Winner                                        MIHS Percussion Ensemble

(Ben Chase, Meg Frisch, Verli Chen, Larissa Bitners, Chris Shin, Marissa Look, Matt McBurney, Daniel Pooley, Lauren Ralph, Devon Hayes, Jack Shanafelt, Jon Perr, Daniel Shen, Cole Johnson, Matt McLellan, Matteo Corneto)


The Mercer Island School District’s band program is the Pride of the Island and serves nearly 1,000 students, or 40%, of students enrolled in grades 5 – 12.  The band instructors teach at all 6 of Mercer Island’s elementary, middle and high schools daily.  MISD band students benefit from exceptional music instruction and through their music experiences are building a strong foundation of critical thinking, creativity, social and collaboration skills for future successes.


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