BandCamp BBQ Tickets now available!

It’s that time of year!  Summer, Sunshine, Sweaty, Hungry Band Kids!  We’ve got you covered!  BBQ chicken, fresh salads, refreshing drinks and more!  What more could a hungry kid (or family member of a hungry kid) want?

The BandCamp BBQ will take place in the “B” lot of MIHS on Thursday August 17 from 5:30-7:30pm

Tickets are $25 per person (kids, parents and siblings are all welcome).  All funds raised by this special event go to support the band program directly via MISBB.

Select the number of people attending and finalize through PayPal, either with your PayPal account or via credit card.  We have a list of people at the event, so no need to bring confirmation, we’ll check you off as you arrive.

Click below to purchase your Band Camp BBQ tickets now!

2 thoughts on “BandCamp BBQ Tickets now available!

  1. Any chance my email address for all band related items could be Every time I think I have all of the sources covered, more pop into this dang inbox. Please let me know where I should go to fix this? Thank you!

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