8th Grade Band Past Performances

The Middle School 8th Grade Band performs at several concerts throughout the year, as well as small ensemble festivals.

Each year, the 8th Grade Band performs at All Island Band Night. (Video by Adrienne Roehrich.)
2015 All Island Band Night, the 8th grade played The Horse.

June 9, 2015 was the 8th Grade Spring Concert and Awards night. The 8th grade band was split over two periods for the year, but they performed one piece as a combined band. (Video by Adrienne Roehrich.)

The IMS 8th Grade band also performs at The Fine Arts Showcase every year. (Video by Adrienne Roehrich.)

The Winter Concert for the 8th Grade band was December 11, 2014. (Video by Adrienne Roehrich.)

On December 5, 2014, the 8th Grade Band performed at Winterfest at the Seattle Center. (Video by Adrienne Roehrich.)