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The Trading Post is  place where you can post an instrument or musically-related item for sale or trade. Simply create a comment to this page containing the details of what you’re wanting to sell or trade. Be sure an include your contact information! It will soon appear as a comment to this post. When you’ve sold it or it’s no longer available, post another comment letting everyone know. Comments more than 1 year old will be removed. Please repost if you are still interested in selling your isntrument.  It’s as simple as that.

Note: The Mercer Island School District and Mercer Island Schools Band Boosters is not responsible for any transactions that occur because of this posting. 

20 thoughts on “Trading Post

  1. CLARINET FOR SALE: Bundy by Selmer wood clarinet. In good shape. Vintage, with newer case. Extensive tuning done four years ago. Fine sound. Good for beginner. $65. Contact Kevin at 206-660-6654. Instrument is on the Island.

  2. Buffet E-11 France Bb Wood Clarinet
    Silver Plated Keys
    Made in France
    Superior Quality Double Fish Skin Pads
    Undercut Tone Holes Specially Designed Poly-Cylindrical Bore
    Reliable instrument might need some alignment.
    Cost to repair instrument ranges from $45-75 willing to negotiate total cost which is $600.
    I am a former member of the Mercer Island High School Wind Ensemble and played this clarinet during my time at the high school.
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Ellena Jones

  3. Yamaha YSL-354 trombone for sale. Great beginner instrument that was gently used and is in good condition. Price includes a Bach silver mouthpiece ($65 retail), a black carrying case, and the standard cleaning supplies. $275 for all of it. Instrument is on the island. Happy to share pictures if you would like. Send me an e-mail!

  4. Buffet student B12 Clarinet. Great beginner instrument in good condition. Price includes black carrying case and standard cleaning supplies. $225 all inclusive. Instrument is on the island. Please contact Jan 206-920-2645 or email:

  5. Yamaha Alto saxophone YAS-23. Good condition formerly used in MIHS marching band. Includes black carrying case, marching band straps, cleaning supplies. $400 all inclusive. Instrument is on the island. Please contact Jan 206-920-2645 or email

  6. I am looking to buy a trumpet for my soon to be 7th grader. Also would be interested in a alto sax for my soon to be 10th grader. You can contact me by email Thanks!

  7. It is a lightly used, Selmer 80 Super Action Serie II Tenor Sax. It was used for roughly eight months, three of which included marching band. It is in very good condition. I also have two neck straps, a box of unused reeds, two reed holders, as well as cleaners and a music stand if you are interested. Additionally, there is a saxophone stand that is pictured in the second image. Though I am looking to sell it for around $2500 as it is a fantastic instrument, I am willing to haggle slightly.

  8. I no longer need a trumpet or sax. I can’t see how to delete my previous post. Thanks! -Ruth Gelsey

  9. Hello Ruth,

    You are correct. The way our site is setup does not allow for deletion of posts by members. You have done it appropriately, that is, just repost to let people know that you no longer need the item.

    charles westergard
    MISBB Site Admin

  10. Yamaha Advantage YCL 200AD Bb student clarinet for sale. Bought new; used for 2 years for a beginning student and worked well. Nickel-plated keys and cork in good working condition. Comes with hard-shell case and cork grease, cleaning cloth, 4-reed holder, and 5 Rico Royal reeds– one grade 2, one 2 1/2, and three 3. Used 4C mouthpiece; will want to replace. Asking $250; instrument on the island. Contact if interested.

    Ludwig Rocker Drums bought used, but still in good condition. I am selling a bass drum, two toms and a floor tom. Needs replaced heads and cymbals. If you need to fill in a drum set I am willing to sell the parts separately, but I would prefer to sell them together. If you would like more information or pictures let me know! Asking $300. Contact me at if interested.

  12. Conn Trombone and Mouthpiece for sale. Unused since last repairs. Smaller bell and light weight have good sound, excellent for marching band as it won’t wear out arms, also a good jazz horn. Mouthpiece is a Vincent Bach Corp. 15 plus travel case. Not shiny but in great condition! Asking $240, on island. Email

  13. Trumpet Bach TR300, used by my middle schooler who has upgraded to the intermediate trumpet. Good used condition, comes with mouth piece and a sturdy case. Pictures available upon request.

  14. Used Vito Clarinet for Sale!

    Great student instrument available for $300. Good condition. Used by my daughter from 6-12th grade. Just back from Kennelley Keys repair shop to get ready for your student. I have the receipt to hand off to you. Includes, clarinet, mouthpiece, mouthpiece cover, ligature, lyre, cork grease, neotech neck strap. or cell #206-679-7201

    Cross posted (see for pictures) Nextdoor and Mercer Island, WA Buy/Sell

  15. Wind Ensemble BLACK DRESS. This is the required uniform for female Wind Ensemble members. Only used for one year, last year, so worn a handful of times. Fits a 5’4″ – 5’6″ height (can be hemmed — we kept it long and wore heels), clothing size 0-2, but would probably fit up to size 4/6. Email or text 202-258-7857 if interested. $40 (negotiable — priced at about half off, but I don’t remember the exact cost).


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